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Customer Reviews Grow Your Business Faster and more efficiently.

Positive customer reviews are vital for small businesses aiming to differentiate themselves in the market. Our Google Reviews tool is designed to enhance your visibility, decrease the need for direct selling, and attract more customers.

By encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews, they essentially become advocates for your business. Actively seeking out these reviews boosts customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and increases referrals, ultimately reducing your marketing expenses.

Additionally, the feedback gathered through reviews provides valuable insights, allowing you to refine your services and exceed customer expectations.

This tool is more than just a feedback mechanism; it’s an essential strategy for growth and competitive advantage, tailored for local business owners.

Dance Monkey Reviews integrates with 25+ reviews platforms and growing!

Win Big: Transform Google Reviews into Business Success in the short term, and long term across different areas of your business operation.

Our reviews platform is designed to deliver immediate and enduring benefits across a range of key business areas, ensuring both quick wins and sustainable growth. Here’s a short, medium and long term snapshot of what you can expect:

Game-Changing Review Results

Become the Talk of the Town with Outstanding Google Reviews: Get 90 Days for $90 Dollars!

Slash Your Marketing Costs: Let Google Reviews Do the Work Now with an exclusive introductory offer: experience unparalleled growth and visibility for just $90 over 90 days.

Terms and Conditions: After the 90-day period, the service automatically renews at $99/month. Cancellation is possible at the end of the trial, with no refunds for the introductory period.

Turn Happy Customers into Your Best Marketers Today

Your reviews platform is your direct line to hearing what your customers are really saying. It’s like having a coffee with each one of them, where they tell you exactly what they love, what they need, and how you can make their experience so good they can’t help but tell others.

Getting reviews is a potent customer relations tool because it taps into the psychology of social proof. People tend to trust and follow the actions or opinions of others, especially in decision-making contexts. By showcasing positive experiences from past customers, businesses can influence potential customers, reassure them of their choices, and foster trust. This psychological lever not only attracts new customers but also strengthens the loyalty of existing ones, making it a critical component of customer engagement and business growth strategies.

Your Google Reviews platform will help your small or local business engage better with:

  • Past customers: Through automated reminders and customised review requests, it re-engages customers, reminding them of their positive experiences and encouraging repeat business.
  • Current customers: By internalising feedback and enabling direct responses, it builds stronger relationships, showing customers that their opinions are valued and acted upon.
  • New customers: Utilising social media sharing and website widgets showcases positive reviews to potential customers, leveraging social proof to attract new business.

Each aspect is crucial for building a trustworthy brand, improving customer satisfaction, and driving sales by enhancing online presence and credibility.



Customer Engagement & Feedback Management

  • Feedback Management:
    Centralize feedback collection to understand and improve customer experience.
  • Review Generation:
    Encourage and automate the process of collecting reviews from customers.
  • Review Request:
    Send personalized requests to customers inviting them to review your service or product.
  • Email Reminders:
    Automate reminders to customers to leave feedback, ensuring higher response rates.
  • SMS Messaging:
    Utilize text messages to reach customers directly for feedback and reviews.
  • Surveys & Feedback:
    Collect detailed insights through customizable surveys.
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    Gauge the emotional tone behind reviews and feedback for deeper insights.

Review & Ratings Optimization

  • Ratings/Reviews:
    Track and manage customer ratings and reviews across platforms.
  • Review Monitoring:
    Keep an eye on new reviews across various channels in real time.
  • Negative Feedback Management:
    Specifically address and manage negative feedback to improve customer relations.
  • Review Notification:
    Receive alerts when new reviews are posted to respond promptly.
  • Review Sharing:
    Share positive reviews across social channels or your website to boost reputation.
  • Review Display:
    Showcase your best reviews on your website or social media to build trust.
  • Review Badge Management:
    Use badges to promote your ratings on your website or marketing materials.

Marketing & Campaign Tools

  • Campaign Management:
    Plan and execute marketing campaigns from one central platform.
  • Campaign Scheduling:
    Schedule campaigns in advance for optimal timing and efficiency.
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns:
    Run campaigns across multiple platforms (email, SMS, social media) for broader reach.
  • Post Scheduling:
    Automate the scheduling of posts across social media channels.
  • Social Promotion:
    Promote your business on social media platforms directly from the platform.
  • Email Management:
    Organize and execute your email marketing efforts seamlessly.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Dashboard:
    Access a centralized view of your metrics and KPIs.
  • Customizable Reports:
    Tailor reports to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Reporting & Statistics:
    Gain insights into campaign performance, customer feedback, and more.
  • Visual Analytics:
    Visualize data for easier interpretation and decision-making.
  • Real Time Data:
    Access up-to-the-minute data for timely insights.
  • Reporting/Analytics:
    Deep dive into your performance data across all channels.

Integration & Customization

  • Customizable Branding:
    Tailor the look and feel of your communications and materials to match your brand.
  • Third-Party Integrations:
    Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms your business uses.
  • Website Integration:
    Integrate review collection and display features directly on your website.
  • Widgets:
    Add functional widgets to your website to improve customer interaction.
  • Template Management:
    Manage and customize templates for email, SMS, and social media campaigns.
  • Data Import/Export:
    Easily move your data in and out of the platform for flexibility and convenience.

Additional Features

  • Real-Time Notifications:
    Stay informed with instant alerts on crucial activities or metrics.
  • Alerts/Notifications:
    Receive notifications for specific events or milestones within your platform.
  • Customer Experience Management:
    Oversee and enhance the entire customer journey from one platform.
  • Multi-Language:
    Engage customers worldwide with multi-language support.
  • Multi-Location:
    Manage multiple business locations seamlessly for consistent customer experiences.
  • SEO Management:
    Optimize your online content for better search engine visibility.
  • Social Media Integration:
    Connect your social media accounts for integrated campaign management.
  • Social Sharing:
    Enable easy sharing of content and reviews on social media platforms.

Training and Support

  • Online Chat Support:
    Get immediate assistance and answers to your questions through our responsive online chat support.
  • Comprehensive Video Tutorials:
    Access a library of video tutorials designed to guide you through setting up the platform and optimizing its use for your business needs.
  • In-Depth Documentation:
    Dive into detailed documents that provide step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the platform, from basic setup to advanced features.
  • Training for Review Effectiveness:
    Benefit from specialized training sessions focused on enhancing your ability to gather more customer reviews effectively.
  • Strategies for Post-Review Engagement:
    Learn how to use the reviews tool to post reviews strategically, fostering stronger client relationships.
  • Maximizing Sales, Returns, and Referrals:
    Discover best practices for leveraging customer feedback to boost ongoing sales, encourage return customers, and generate referrals.


The Secret to Tripling Your Google Reviews Effortlessly

Discover how Google Reviews can catapult your local business into the spotlight with the Dance Monkey Reviews platform; your secret weapon in dominating the local search landscape.


  • How Do I Get Started with Setting Up the Platform?

    Getting started is straightforward. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to our easy-to-follow setup wizard. No technical expertise is required, and our support team is always on standby to assist you if needed.

  • Can I Import Existing Reviews into the Platform?

    Yes, our platform allows you to consolidate and manage reviews from over twenty major review platforms. This means you can easily import existing reviews to have a unified view and control over your online reputation.

  • What Training Resources Are Available to Maximize the Use of the Platform?

    We provide a comprehensive range of training resources, including detailed video tutorials, interactive webinars, and a rich knowledge base. These resources cover everything from basic functionality to advanced features, ensuring you can fully leverage the power of our platform.

  • How Can I Measure the Impact of the Platform on My Business?

    Our platform includes a detailed analytics dashboard that tracks key metrics such as review count, growth rate, average rating, and customer sentiment. These insights allow you to measure the impact of your review management efforts on your business’s online reputation and customer engagement.

  • Is the Platform Compatible with My Existing CRM/POS and Marketing Tools System?

    Our platform is designed to be flexible and compatible with a wide range of CRM, POS and Marketing systems. We offer API integration capabilities to ensure a seamless connection with your existing business systems.

  • How Can I Encourage More Customers to Leave Reviews?
    Our platform offers several features to encourage customer reviews, including customizable review request templates and automated follow-up reminders. We also provide best practices and strategies to increase your review request acceptance rates.
  • What Happens If I Receive Negative Feedback?
    Our platform offers the option to internalize negative feedback, giving you the opportunity to address customer concerns privately before they result in a public review. This feature helps you manage and mitigate potential negative impacts on your online reputation.
  • Can I Respond to Reviews Directly Through the Platform?
    Yes, you can monitor and respond to reviews directly from our centralized dashboard. This feature supports responses to reviews across multiple platforms, enabling you to maintain an active and engaging presence with your customers.
  • How Often Are Platform Features Updated?
    Our support team is available via email, live chat, and a ticketing system to assist you with any questions or issues. Additionally, our comprehensive customer knowledge base and video training resources are available 24/7 for self-service assistance.
  • Can I Manage Reviews in Multiple Languages?
    Yes, our platform supports multiple languages, allowing you to request, collect, and respond to reviews from customers worldwide. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder your ability to manage your online reputation effectively.
  • Is It Possible to Request Reviews in Bulk?
    Absolutely. You have the flexibility to request reviews individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file with your customers’ details. This feature makes it easy to reach out to multiple customers efficiently, saving you time and effort.
  • Can I Customize the Review Request Scripts?
    Yes, our platform allows you to customize the scripts used in review requests. Whether you’re sending requests via email, SMS, or another channel, you can personalize the message to align with your brand voice and maximize the chances of receiving a positive response.
  • Can the platform help me identify trends in customer feedback?
    Yes, our analytics dashboard is designed to help you easily identify trends and patterns in customer feedback. This enables you to make informed decisions about improvements or changes that could enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • How does the platform protect my data and the privacy of my customers?
    We prioritize data security and customer privacy by adhering to strict data protection regulations and employing advanced encryption technologies. Your and your customers’ information is safeguarded against unauthorized access and breaches.
  • What support is available for setting up integrations and customizations?
    We offer comprehensive support for all customers looking to set up integrations and customizations, including step-by-step guides, direct support from our technical team, and a library of resources to ensure a smooth setup process.

Become the Talk of the Town with Outstanding Google Reviews: Get 90 Days for $90 Dollars!

Slash Your Marketing Costs: Let Google Reviews Do the Work Now with an exclusive introductory offer: experience unparalleled growth and visibility for just $90 over 90 days.

Terms and Conditions: After the 90-day period, the service automatically renews at $99/month. Cancellation is possible at the end of the trial, with no refunds for the introductory period.


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Become the Talk of the Town with Outstanding Google Reviews: Get 90 Days for $90 Dollars!

Slash Your Marketing Costs: Let Google Reviews Do the Work Now with an exclusive introductory offer: experience unparalleled growth and visibility for just $90 over 90 days.

Terms and Conditions: After the 90-day period, the service automatically renews at $99/month. Cancellation is possible at the end of the trial, with no refunds for the introductory period.

Invisible to Irresistible: How Reviews Can Skyrocket Your Business

Transform your online presence from overlooked to overbooked with strategic review management.
You’re looking for a local travel business. You find two, but one has a bunch of 5-star reviews praising its ease of use and fantastic fares. Which one do you choose? It’s a no-brainer, right? That’s the magic of Google reviews. They build an image of reliability and quality that new customers trust almost as much as personal recommendations.
Beyond collecting reviews, our platform allows you to monitor and reply to reviews from a centralized location, share positive reviews on social media, and showcase them on your website. These features enhance customer engagement and foster stronger relationships.